Stop Selling, Be Compelling

On May 23, 2011, in Misc, by Jason Bax

Nobody appreciates high-pressure sales...unless it's an entertaining parody

ABC… Always Be Closing is the mantra of most sales trainers.

The problem is the harder you sell, the more people you repel.

High-pressure selling used to work. Today, we have become experts at ignoring sales pitches whether it’s by avoiding eye contact, screening calls, spam blockers, TIVO, remote control, etc… And if you’re like most upright mammals you probably dislike the feeling of being aggressively sold.

…So why do trainers teach ABC – Always, Be, Closing ?

Because it’s easier to teach a group of salespeople techniques or a routine on how to ‘close’ than on how to be compelling.

Attention is becoming a rare commodity. The challenge in the age of distraction is to get people to sit still long enough to listen to your company’s pitch. You must be compelling.

To be compelling means to do something that evokes interest and attention in a powerfully irresistible way. For most people offering value in the form of education or entertainment is irresistible.

Which are you more likely going to watch, a typical sales pitch or an outrageous product demo? A pitch or a thought provoking speech? An infomercial or an interview with an expert? Read a sales copy pitch or an insightful article or book?

Getting people to sit still and listen to your idea is the real selling in today’s technology and social media seduced world.

And people only welcome ‘distractions’ that are educational or entertaining.

Focus less on selling tactics and more on compelling ways to demonstrate your product, service or expertise to your target audience and give them one, clear ‘what next.’

In short,  be compelling and the sales will follow.

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